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I'm working on a new children's show called "KIDS BIDS©" which should air locally in Las Vegas early 2010. Here you see and hear what the home page will look like once it is launched.

KIDS BIDS© is in the preliminary stages of developing a new children's show for TV. The purpose of the show is to make our children more aware of our environment. We will be focusing mainly on the trash that pollutes our streets and parks. The show should give a boost to our on going recycling program. Of course, the success of the show lies with our sponsors. All I ask at this time is that you read over the brief information below and get back to me if you are interested in becoming a Environmental Awareness Sponsor for the show.



The idea behind KIDS BIDS is to get our children involved in cleaning up the trash from our streets. This early training in our children's life will develop a sense of continuing to keep our community clean into their adult life.

Here's how the show works.
Through all forms of free advertising, we get the word out about KIDS BIDS©. When children are out and about, we want them to be aware of all the trash they see in the streets, parks, school yards etc. We want to implant this thought in their minds. "TRASH IS CASH"!
By picking up any trash, example: candy wrappers, potato chip bags, cigarette packs, cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and so on. This trash will be given POINTS in different amounts to be used for bidding purposes on the show for valuable prizes. (Toys, video games, DVD's brand name clothing, etc.supplied by sponsors)

Here's a breakdown in trash equals point value:
One potato chip bag = 5 points
Candy wrapper = 3 points
Cigarette pack = 10 points
The more trash you collect off the streets, the more points you earn. This kind of makes the saying, "Streets paved with Gold", a reality. The next step is to flatten the all trash collected and to make separate piles All candy wrappers in one pile, cig pile etc. We ask that each pile total 100 points and is rubber banded. Most of the prizes to be auctioned off will have a starting bid of 100 points or more. The more trash collected the better your chances of having a winning bid.

The show will be broad cast live or taped from a local TV station on Saturday mornings. (CH 10 ) The number of participant will be determined by the size of the studio. Our goal is at least 50 per show. To get on the show, children can apply in writing or by registration on our web site. Open to all children 8-15 years of age. Each week random drawings will be made from applicants to appear on the show. They will be instructed on where and when to go. Children will arrive an hour before the show starts in order to receive rules and instructions pertaining to the bidding of prizes. An MC will start the show with a regular routine (Jokes and interacting with the audience.) and then introduce the first item up for bid. The children then raise their hands as the bidding war begins until we reach a final bid. Going once, twice, three times, it's yours. Just like any other auction. A quick on camera interview with the winner and then back to KIDS BIDS©. At the end of the show, we will draw a ticket for one child to come down from the audience who did not win any bids and exchange all his or her trash for what's inside one of three trash cans located on the set. All three trash cans will have a gift inside, but only one will have a very valuable gift. The show will be fast passed in order to get in at least 5 items to bid on. At this point, the show is scheduled for half-hour although one full hour would be preferable. Each show will have a special segment about our environment we live in. Maybe if were lucky, we can get Al Gore to appear on the show.
We will ask that prizes on the show be donated through sponsorship. Sponsors will be given credit and thanks throughout the show.

I strongly believe that this show will impact our community on keeping our city clean. I also believe that this show could be syndicated throughout the country making it a cleaner place to live and visit.

Copyright (C) 2009, KIDS BIDS, William Garbacz, NV 02110-1301 USA No one is permitted to copy and or create KIDS BIDS© or similar show for broadcast without written permission.

If you would like to participate on a volunteer basis with this show, please contact me by phone, 702 454.7773 or by email

Thank you for your consideration.
William Garbacz
Creator of KIDS BIDS©

© 2009 William Garbacz Las Vegas, Nevada 454-7773